My name is Jonathon Callicoat and I will be teaching Cannabis Plant Science and Cultivation at Saint Louis University. I graduated from UMKC in 2013 with degrees in Biology, Chemistry, and Psychology. During my academic career, I also received two years of technical training in the Genetics Laboratory of R. Scott Hawley at the Stower’s Institute for Medical Research. I was published in G3 in 2012.
I began engaging in private research with an emphasis on applied industrial horticulture and pre-atomic energy systems in 2013 and have remained active in these areas of research and development. In 2017, I founded Hops 21, an indoor hops cultivation company that made use of a patented trellis design and tested the efficacy of growing cannabis in a subterranean environment. In 2018, I moved forward as a principal of Sarcoxie Nursery and the company began constructing a state-of-the-art cultivation facility located at a historic nursery in Southwest Missouri. In 2019, the company filed our applications to participate in the state’s medical marijuana program and were subsequently denied licenses. In 2020, I started another company called Healthy Hemp which would focus on the commercial production of industrial hemp and test the efficacy of an experimental geothermal-based heating and cooling system paired with a solar greenhouse concept. In 2021, I started a company called Bion Research, whose goal is to draw upon the available collective experiences to develop additional tools for the manipulation of pre-atomic energy.
I enjoy exploring new and old places with my wife Tiffany and our dog Sam. I love spending time outside at the nursery and watching things grow.