Dr. Paul Callicoat, a retired cardiologist and principal of Sarcoxie Nursery, speaking on behalf of the plaintiffs, released the following statement in response to the conclusion of trial in their lawsuit against Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services over its handling of medical marijuana licenses. Read more >

Serving the medical needs of Missouri communities

For more than a century, Sarcoxie Nursery was known as one of the world’s highest-quality growers and purveyors of fine flowers. In 2020, the nursery will bloom once again as a groundbreaking medical marijuana facility with dispensaries across Missouri, bringing healing to patients within our communities.

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Sarcoxie Nursery is led by a physician, a botanist and a service-driven care advocate working together to provide medical relief for those suffering from chronic pain, cancer, PTSD and more.


Principal & Physician

Paul began his career as a board-certified interventional cardiologist before becoming one of the first physicians in the nation to bring an interventional cardiac catheterization lab to a small community hospital. In 2014 he retired, and his career would have ended there if his son, Jonathon, hadn’t introduced him to the field of medical marijuana. Seeing its life-changing potential, Paul became an advocate and began laying the groundwork for Sarcoxie Nursery—his family’s vision of a world-class, seed-to-sale medical marijuana company able to better serve the needs of communities across Missouri.


Principal & service-driven care advocate

Wendy has spent much of her life caring for people—first as a mother and later as a healthcare administrator, working side by side with her husband to serve more than 5,000 patients. The idea of moving into the medical marijuana field might never have occurred had she not seen a documentary about the relief it provided for a child suffering from Dravet syndrome. Inspired by the thought of helping others in the same way, she began educating herself on the healing properties of medical marijuana and familiarizing herself with stringent industry regulations. Now an advocate, she looks forward to caring for patients once again, with this powerful therapy.    


Principal & botanist

After studying biology and chemistry at the University of Missouri Kansas City, Jonathon became interested in the cannabis industry, deepening his understanding of the plant and its medicinal value through apprenticeships, advocacy groups and research. In 2017 he founded Hops 21, a state-of-the-art cultivation facility for hops flowers, which served local microbreweries. His passion for botany served as the catalyst for Sarcoxie Nursery. Today, he continues to develop breakthrough cultivation techniques that will pave the way for unique strains of medical marijuana to help Missourians live healthier, happier lives.

Careers at Sarcoxie Nursery

We are currently looking for passionate professionals to help us make Sarcoxie Nursery the premier provider for safe and effective medical marijuana. From patient care to cultivation, we offer many career opportunities to nurture and grow healing across our community. If you’d like to become a part of this mission, take the first step by submitting your resume below.