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A medical marijuana glossary

The ABCs of CBD and THC A Medical Marijuana Glossary The world of medicinal marijuana is filled with technical terms and biological definitions that can be confusing to new patients. What’s a trichome? Does a dab mean what you think it means? Let’s go through some of the more common terms and their [...]

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Six Methods of Cannabis Administration

Six Methods of Cannabis Administration You’ve got the recommendation from your medical provider, now it’s time to figure out which method of administration best treats your condition. How you take your medicine depends largely on what method works best for you, since everyone’s body is different. Here are a few of your options: [...]

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Cannabinoids That Stick Together

The Entourage Effect Cannabinoids and Terpenes That Stick Together If cannabis had a slogan, it might be “the more the merrier”. That’s because of its highly synergistic nature. The cannabinoids—or active agents—in the cannabis plant work in tandem with terpenes, which are the aromatic molecules that give the plant its signature smell and [...]

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Marijuana’s Signature Scent

Terpenes 101 Marijuana’s Signature Scent If you’ve spent any amount of time around the cannabis plant, you know the smell: earthy, piney, citrusy. The sources of this signature fragrance are terpenes. What’s a terpene? It’s an organic hydrocarbon—in other words, a chemical compound that puts off a strong aroma. But terpenes are more [...]

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